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Can anyone ID this large SVS Dual ported Sub?

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I bought this subwoofer years ago & then lost all the paperwork moving. I am trying to get info on it to determine its worth as I may want to sell (does not fit in the new house). Can't find a model # and the SVS website is no help. If anyone happens to know please let me know. The approx dimensions are 28" x 18" x 25" tall


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Could also be under another name the PB2-Plus (what I have).

Originally Posted by basshead81  /t/1518849/can-anyone-id-this-large-svs-dual-ported-sub#post_24382629

SVS PB12+ /2

They sell for 450-600.00 from what I have seen.

This is what it is.

Originally Posted by midfiman  /t/1518849/can-anyone-id-this-large-svs-dual-ported-sub#post_24382704

Could also be under another name the PB2-Plus (what I have).

Its the same subs...originally they were called the PB2-Plus then the name was changed to the +/2.
Could also be the SVS PB12-Ultra/2 - Assuming that's three ports I can see.

I've just parted with mine - Great sub
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As others have said it looks like a PB12-Plus/2 with either the plus version 1 or 2 drivers. (SVS is I think on the plus version 5 drivers now). Its not a PB ultra/2 because it lacks the PEQ. The Ultra even in textured black form came with a sing channel PEQ on the amp.
Thanks much for all the help!! Was able to find lots of info knowing the model #. Not sure why SVS does not list it on the unit? As said, won't fit in the new house so unfortunately having to part ways with it.

FYI - If anyone is interested, It is listed on Craigslist in the Phoenix area.
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