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I had a Denon 5.1 system since the mid-90's and liked it much. I don't recall the model # off top of my head, but I believe it was like 100W/ch. I loved it - it was rock solid.

I wanted more power and better "current" A/V support, so I found a more current Denon that was 7.1 and 120W/channel.

And I kind of hate it. The setup is kludgey, to volume dial responds to the remote in rather psychotic fashion (nothing nothing nothing HERE'S 60 MORE dB TO WAKE YOUR ASS UP). And - if this is 120W into 7 channels I will eat it. My older 100-into-5 kicked it's ass.

My speakers are Klipsch RF series - RB-35s in surround and rear, (I think) an RF-35 in the center (it has 2 drivers and a horn) and a pair of dual-8" towers all backed up by the powered 12" sub (I wanna say AWR-12 or something like that)

I don't use FM

I don't have a turntable (that will be on this anyway)

Really, I just wanna play movies via a DVD player and run my XBOX - my TV can take the video signals directly, I just need to work the audio.

So my question is - should I stop looking into integrated amps and make the leap to just using a stack of amps and some kind of input switching device?

In this kind of setup do I need to worry about signal processing delay? (although my little Oppo DVD can compensate quite a bit IIRC)

I am sure it is here _somewhere_ - but is there's a newbies guide to going to discrete components?
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