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Can anyone recomend a receaver $600 tops, that can handle

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two zones @ the same time...

zone#1) for 5.1 Cinema (bose acustimass 10)

zone#2) for Acustimass 5 Bose

I like bose becuase the cubes are small, i really understand the bose bashing, but i really do want these...

anyways, is there a receaver that can handle both zones, without having to buy a extra AMP..etc?

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A bunch of receivers can do two zones. The 2nd zone is stereo only though, not 5.1.

Do you actually mean different audio in each zone or just playing the same thing in two locations?
For Bose just try two el cheapo receivers. BB has their Insignia 5.1 on sale for a very low price aboiut every other week. You can get two receivers for less than half your budget.
thanx guys, actually i only need 5.1 in the first zone, the second zone, i dont need 5.1, i just want to plug in the Acoustimass 5, wich has 2 sets of cubes, and a subwoofer...

will this RX-v661 do both Acustimass 10 and the normal Acustimass 5..?
Yes, the Yamaha has multi zone capability. You'll be fine connecting the Bose systems to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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