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I'm writing to help my silver haired Mother. She subscribes to Dish Network in addition to Comcast Cable's basic plan in western, PA to view more of her local channels. She has the Dish DVR model 508 and uses the "TV in" connection in the back of the Dish receiver for Comcast. This has worked well for her, using the TV/Video button on the Dish UHF remote to toggle between Dish and Comcast. Important to mention she shares the signal from the receiver to three rooms in her home. By using UHF remotes only needs one Dish receiver and she would like it to remain that way.

However, Comcast in western PA recently made changes to the channel lineup. Now many of her locals are gone. She was sent a card by Comcast regarding the changes and about getting one of their cable boxes. My question is; if she gets a Comcast cable box and connects the unscrambled signal coming out of the Comcast box to the "TV in" of the Dish 508 receiver, is there a way for her to be in another room and change cable channels?

BTW, most of her TVs do not have digital tuners. She is due for a new TV if it helps with these new digital signals by Comcast.

Thanks for any light you can shed.
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