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Can DTS Connect Stay Active With Vista?

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Under Windows XP, as soon as a sound is played, DTS Connect kicks in and stays enabled for the duration of the machines running time.

However with Vista, it's switched on and off when a sound is playing, once the sound has finished, DTS Connect switches off.

I get a slight lag in DTS Connect actually turning on, so when I have short quick sounds half of it missing at the start because DTS connect is too slow. This is a bit annoying, and I'm wondering if it's possible to keep it on all the time like it does with XP.


My hardware is the Gigabyte 780G mobo, with the Realtek drivers of course.
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I've searched long and hard for an answer to this question, and have come up empty, but I'll keep tuned in here in hopes that it gets answered.
I've been dealing with this too for 1.5 years and have just dealt with it, would be nice if there's a fix.
Maybe there is a registry setting? I don't quite understand why under XP it will stay active, but under Vista it won't.

It's not a huge bother to me, since it only affects Vista OS sounds that are short, and Media Portal's menu clicking which flat out doesn't even get a chance to be audible because it's so short.
MCE is the same way, along with MyMovies.

It's not a huge deal but it does give the OS a very cludgy feel when you have half-projected sounds.

Hopefully, it'll be fixed in Win7, but I'm not holding out hope.
I'd say it's the same under W7 since it's the same drivers, still it might be worth a look.

I've disabled all windows sound effects and mediaportals too, I was getting a bit sick of the click click blip noises anyway.

Another alternative is to just use Reclock and it's AC3Encoder, if you don't have a whiz bang sound system and don't care about having DD5.1 @ 640 instead of DTS @ 1.5.
I guarantee it is not fixed on Windows 7. I used W7 for a long time and got quite annoyed by how DTS worked going to my receiver.
I seemed to have inadvertently fixed mine when upgrading my display from my old RPTV (DVI) to my new plasma (HDMI). I had hoped that the HDMI to TV would passthrough the DTS/DD via the optical out, but alas, that's not how it works. Therefore, I had to go back to SPDIF.

Unfortunately, at that time I started having issues with mkv playback (AC3 encoded). After finding the issue in my codecs, I remembered playing around in my Sound Manager settings and then inside the Audio Device settings in the Control Panel. I noticed that even when in DTS Interactive mode, I could enable 44100hz and 48000hz sample rates. 48000Hz is enabled by default and I get the "cut off" audio. However, switching to 44100Hz (44.1kHz) relieved the delay.

Hope this helps everyone else.
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