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Can Harmony 700 work with Sony soundbars?

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I've read the soundbar forums about the CT-150 I am interested in, but I can't determine how my Harmony 700 & Samsung tv will work, if everything [cable DVR, PVR and Roku] are plugged into the soundbar, and there's only one HDMI connection to the TV.

How would I get around having to use the *Sony* soundbar remote to switch functions... i.e. defeating the purpose of a universal remote? What am I missing, or will it not work? Does the 700 have a set up for the Sony soundbars that will handle this?

TIA for any responses.
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Any universal, including harmony, can switch functions like the soundbar remote. Furthermore, you'd simply build those commands into your activities/macros so it happens automatically. What gave you the idea it wouldn't work?
I'm confused, because of the one connection to the TV. Yes, I'm simple minded.

Now I have everything set up with it's *separate* input source on the TV, which was easy to set up on the Harmony. I am wondering, if the Harmony is going to control switching sources on the CT-150. Some of the things I read in the soundbar forums made me believe, it wouldn't... that the Sony remote would be required to switch sources.

Am I over complicating this? I tried to find the compatibility listing for the 700 today, and couldn't find it.
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Check the Harmony Search link in my signature to check compatibility. I can tell you that whatever your sony remote can do, a universal remote can do. If you press a button on the sony remote to switch sources today, the very same command can be used on a universal remote and be added to any macros you might be using to switch sources. I don't see how the sound bar would be any different than any other switching device like a receiver or HDMI switch.

Maybe I'm missing something, and there is some complex sequence for selecting sources on the sound bar that harmony can't handle. Can you describe how different sources are selected on the sony remote?
Thanks for the link! I checked and it says the CT-150 is in their database.

I don't have any Sony equipment and have just been considering buying this soundbar, so I don't know anything about it's specs. I just got the impression from the forum that the soundbar would not respond to the Harmony remote, or handle some functions... or maybe I've read so much I'm confusing some TV setup problems people were having. I'll read some more and see if I can get enough factual info to discuss, or you to decipher, if you don't run out of patience.
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If the original remote is IR then a Harmony (or any universal remote) can control it.

Making the Harmony setup wizard create the correct macros for the activities that use the soundbar is a different story. It should be possible, but you may have to put more thought into it instead of just clicking Next, Next, Finish.
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