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Hi all,

I have a Phillips MX1060 all-in-one DVD player with surround sound output to 5.1 speakers ..... sorry, I'm not allowed to post a link yet.

It does the job for me, until I've just started building my HTPC - and discovered that I can't get surround sound into this unit from the HTPC because it doesnt have coaxial, optical or analog 5.1 inputs - only 2 (RCA i think) inputs for stereo input.

I'm about to go shopping, but was wondering.... How does the internal DVD drive in these type of units send audio output to the processing board (a decoder board?). The unit is about 5-6 years old - would it have an optical cable internally between the drive and decoder ? If so, could I fool it if I hi-jack this and send my PC sound to it via optical cable (would have to cut a hole in the back to get the HTPC cable in of course).

Is this a mad idea, or is it possible via any other means?
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