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I need new speakers for the bedroom. My wife and I swapped with our son, so he got the largest bedroom for all his gear, and we are stuck in a "closet" which has room for our beds and a table between them, but not much else! I have used a set of large, floor standing speakers (a rather cheap, but not to bad, quite unknown Swedish brand) in the larger bedroom, but they take up too much room here.

So I went to a shop and looked around. It's really not easy to get a chance to listen to in wall/in ceiling speakers here in Norway, nobody has them mounted. And I don't buy speakers I haven't heard on principle. When I ended up with Mirage OM's for the home theater I had 6 different brands at home that I listened to for a week! Surprisingly I found a cheap set of 6.5" marine speakers from Kenwood that sounded pretty good in the rack. And since I have easy access and can make a box on the attic for these speakers that will work like the box in the shop I should be OK. Except for of course the "WAF". Here's a picture of the speakers:

Maybe some wifes will accept that in the bedroom ceiling, but my wife isn't among them!
So I got an idea: What if I use one of my holesaws, like the 75 mm, and cut out a circular hole in the ceiling, mount the speaker element on the other side of the ceiling panel and use an 80 mm mesh fan grill from a computer? Something like this, but white (or painted white):

If I make a bigger hole I could use a grill from an air duct, like this:

Bud I prefer the smaller hole, if it doesn't degrade the soumd much. I measured and that means that I have a space of around 1 cm with space for the air from the woofer to go around the tweeter if I go for the subtle, 75 mm hole. Will that mess up the sound badly?
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