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Hey guys, having a hard time understanding these throw ratio's and distances so i cannot calculate if my future projector will be suitable, hoping someone can help.

Here is what i have.

Benq w5000.

Fixed scope screen, measuring 238cm wide by 101cm high by 258cm diagonal ( 94" wide x 40" high x 102" diagonal).

Distance from screen to projector lens is 353cm (139" or 11.6 foot).

Distance from floor to bottom of screen edge is 880mm (35" or 2.89 foot).

Distance from floor to center of projector lens is 198cm (78" or 6.5 foot).

I am looking at 3x projectors atm(wanting to go 3D).

Benq w7000

Epson tw9000/6010

sony hw30(id have to use external device for V-stretch as it doesnt have it).

I dont want to change the position of my screen or my projector mount position, mount is positioned on the ceiling and dont want to drill any new holes or move it about.

So can someone kindly tell me which of the 3x projectors im looking at can be mounted in the exact same position and by only setting up the zoom get it to display the same size on the screen i have now?

I tried working it out at projector central but even when i put my throw distance and screen size its not the same to what they say!

I dont want to buy one of these projectors and then find out i need to move it back a meter or two!

Much appreciated for anyone going to the trouble of doing this for me and hope ive gave all the information needed, if not i'll measure whatever need.

If theres a formula that can be used easily and i just have to punch in my number and see even better, i can then go out there and see other projectors that might suit if these dont.

Again thanks.
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