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Can I muse my Old D* R10 to Record OFF-AIR?

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Since I have upgraded to HDTV service and of course my HDTV set... I was of course convinced to go and get an Antenna. Well now I have a perfectly descent Tivo R10 just sitting around and I was wondering if I could hook that into the antenna and record programs from the off air feed.

I read on Cnet that the off air hookup for the r10 is non-recordable. however, I have a feeling some ingenious chap has some sort of a work around.

Oh and yes, I am aware that it would be recording SD and not HD.

Any help is definitely appreciated.
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Sorry, not possible, the R10 and all other Directivos do not have MPEG encoders.
What if I use the Analog chanels instead of the digital?
Like I said, it lacks an MPEG encoder which is needed to record analog. Digital's out of the question too because it doesn't have a digital (ATSC) tuner. You're just plain out of luck.
Well at least I can watch the shows right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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