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Any idea? Is it okay to run a single speaker off of a stereo volume control. Instead of using all the 4 wire inputs and outputs I just use 2 wires in and 2 wires out for a single speaker. The volume control does have impedance matching also if that matters. I don't want to damage my speakers or amp in my blundering.

I will be running 6 speakers total from this amp:


(2 pairs of speakers in 2 rooms and then a single speaker in one room and another single speaker in another room, both the single speakers off each of their own stereo volume controls with your blessing. One stereo volume control for each single speaker is what I'm thinking of doing. I need just a single speaker in each room as I only have the wires run for it and both rooms are small enough for just one)

And this is the stereo volume control:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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