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Currently I have my desktop computer in my living room on one side, and the TV and AVR on the opposite side of the room. A few years ago I installed an RCA wall plate in each location, and ran coax cable through my attic, so that I could connect a RCA-to-mini jack cable to my computer, and another RCA patch cable to my receiver to get computer sound through my surround sound speakers.

Well now I just installed an external sound card into my computer, which has a coax SPDIF input and output jack. Would it be possible to connect a digital coax cable to one of my RCA wall plate jacks on each side of the room to get digital audio from my computer to my receiver? Could I use the same RCA jacks in the wall plates now, or would I have to switch to a different type of wall jack for the digital coax cable? The coax cable run in the attic from each RCA wall plate is around 40 feet.
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