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Here's my question:

I have a 20 flat screens tv's in my bar that are currently on coax cables. - Sound goes through the external speakers

I was just at bestbuy and I notice that the lcd/plasma are all running also coax cables. I asked - and he told me they are on some type of converter that sends HD/hdmi/1080p through coax.

Is this possible?

If so, where do I get one - what's the name of it.

I wouldn't have to run new hdmi cables if I could find this.

Keep in mind that I have 20 flats screens that are distance at least 20 to 100 feet from the dj booth

would I need some sort of booster also

thanks for the help

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I work for BestBuy/Future Shop. The High Def Signal going through the coax cable is a simulated HDTV signal and is only at 720P. The only way they can get 1080P to the TVs is through the HDMI splitters they have hidden under the display stands. Does this mean you can't get 1080p through Coax? No, it just means they are not doing it so whoever told you it was a converter didn't have to rewire their displays and knows little about the actual setup.

Wish I had a more conclusive answer for you but I will see what I can figure out and get back to you if I can (and if you haven't already rewired your place). If you do have to rewire your place I would suggest doing it with HDMI over Cat6 baluns. This way if the technology changes you can just replace the baluns with whatever new tech is coming up rather than rewiring every time they produce a new medium.

Just a thought.

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Doesn't anyone check to the date of the append that they are responding to? It's always someone with one append. You had nothing better to do than to respond to an append from 2009? The answer isn't even relevent since it was 3 and a half years ago and technology has changed between the time of the question and the time of the answer.

Look before you answer and ask yourself, is my answer relevent to the person who asked the question?

BTW, 720p is high definition. But, I'm sure you knew that.

Maybe next time you can find a question from only 2 and a half years ago or (here's an idea) how about answering a question from someone who actually might be still reading their thread?

Sorry to be so blunt but we've had a number of 1st time appenders recently dig up old threads that I had hoped were buried because they just cause issues. So, please check before you append.

And, welcome to the AVSForum (even if that didn't seem like it).
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