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Can I set up the PC and HT-set with some distance between them?

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As a newbie, I want to build a system where I can use my PC for normal use in one end of the room, and have my TV/audio set on the other end of the room, and have the two connected.

While I am using the PC for normal work, the HTPC software would do nothing more that play MP3s or webradio. While playing a DVD or DivX I will not try to contiue working on the PC ;-)

What would be the best setup? The TV/audio set and work table are about 5-7m (15-25') apart. Should I place the PC near the TV/audio set and use a long cable to connect my (analog 19") monitor on the worktable? Or the other way around, long cables to my TV/audio set, having the computer near the worktable. Or put the PC halfway? Or use some wireless solution?
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You can probably do whatever makes most sense for your room. My projector has a 35' cable run back the equipment stack (in a completely different room) and I'm running a 25' KVM extension cable to use the keyboard and mouse. (So, in my case, the wired keyboard and mouse are quite close to the projector, but all are quite far from the computer.) I've got a wireless keyboard on order, but the above setup has been working smoothly for 18 months.

Probably best to setup the room however works best for the room and just buy/build the cables you need to make that work.

I'm in a similar boat.

I have an office where I have all my HT equipment as well as my HTPC. I run 50' Component, SVideo and VGA cables to my HT room where my projector and screen are.

Generally I interact with my equipment and the HTPC with a remote control. I run a return VGA cable from the projector to a 2nd monitor in the office so I can see what is playing.

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