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Can I splice different gauge wire together?

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I have about 120 feet of 12 AWG running from my Denon out to my back porch, everything has been drywalled over, I now want to move the speakers about 10 feet farther away so they broadcast more into the back yard vs the porch and all I have laying around is 14 AWG. My question is can I just splice (I plan on using a waterproof wire nut) 10 feet of 14 AWG get the the length or should I spend the $ and buy another spool of 12 AWG and splice that in?
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You can, the 10 foot length of 14ga won't make that much difference, adding only about 0.02 ohms additional DCR compared to 12 ga,
Didn't think it would make that big of a difference just wanted to make sure.
This question came up earlier this month. Using the search engine, title search only and the search word, wire:

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