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First of all apologies if I am asking a stoopid question ...

I have been reading a few theads about the brightness of various projectors on various screens and am curious how my setup compares. I have used Avia to calibate my setup, but have no idea how bright it is compared to the various setups described elsewhere.

I do not own any caliabration tools, but I do have a nice Nikon D70 SLR. So the question is, can I use the lightmeter in my SLR to measure the brightness of my projector given a specific test pattern? In the photography world 18% grey is used as an average scene marker. Can I use a specific Avia or DVE test signal, together with an expossure reading (for a given ISO setting on the camera) to map the resultant exposure to foot lamberts?

Cheers and thanks


P.S. I have an HT1000 with a recently replaced lamp and am projecting on a not too expensive normal gain (if there is such a thing) white screen which is 5ft wide. I prefer the iris closed setting, but often feel it is too dim.
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