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Can I use this instead of blackout curtains?

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Or is this only meant to line curtains you already have (which incidentally I don't have).
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That's blackout cloth. Many people use it as a first DIY screen material. (Still have mine after 3 yrs.

It's white. It's used as a *liner* behind real drapes, to "black out" any light coming through the window. You could use it as cheap drapes but it's pretty basic.
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Sounds good, I don't care if it's basic, looks don't concern me only results. As long as it keeps any light from coming through the window and killing my CR and black levels I'm fine with it.
I bought five queen-sized, flat, bed sheets from Walmart and hung them on the walls in my HT room in my basement. I put nails along the perimeter about every 16 inches and used those black clamping-type paper clips to hang the sheets from the top of the walls. It worked very well for only around $55. I also bought 2 queen-sized white sheets for the screen, though I think I might try a more refective material as I get the feeling the two sheets back to back with black sheets behind them aren't even 1.0 gain. Plus, I think the fabric reduces the sharpness of the picture. As far as blacking-out the room goes, I then bought two 8'x5' black carpet remnants from Walmart for $40 total. Now all I need is a black futon for cheap seating. I also am floor-mounting my D50 on two sets of Rubbermaid storage shelving. I think the load limit is 250 lbs per shelf, evenly distributed. I'm using wide 1x4 pieces of wood to distribute the load so it's pretty stable.
I got a bolt of black blackout cloth from Walmart to block light from the windows right behind my screen. Got it at a closeout price. I can't find it anymore at any Walmart in my area though. Works great.
To those guys using blackout cloth for screens. It works but you are not getting the most out of your projector. Most typical 1.0 commercial screens will do much better and are not expensive. A white wall makes a better screen then blackout coth.
I kinda like my white wall! I put a wooden frame with black cloth rapped around it as a border and I usually get comments like "It looks like a big TV" lol

I just used regular flat white interior latex and I think it turned out ok. I wish people would keep their dirty fingers off it though!

Just found some black blackout drapes that actually look pretty good for the same price, so I guess it didn't matter anyway.
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