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Can I Use Xbox 360 As Hd Hardware?

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Hi guys - quick question.

I've just got the Xbox 360 and have connected it to my HDTV using the MS HD Component Cables. I've downloaded some HD trailers from the net onto my PC, but the problem i've got is my PC doesn't have a DVI out. I'm wondering if i can transfer some HD video clips from my PC onto CD and play them on my Xbox 360? Will they still be HD?
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The XBOX 360 will do HD for games that support HD. Not positive, but don't think it will support HD from an external source.

Moving to XBox Forum.
If you have a media center 2005 PC you can stream them (mpg and wmv only? something like that). If that isn't an option then you'll have to try to get your hands on the kiosk demo disk and rip it, replace the HD wmv files on it with your movie files and burn it (there should be a thread here on how to do that)...otherwise you're out of luck....regardless..it's alot of work just to watch a few HD trailers sadly enough... :mad:
You will need a Windows Media Center PC 2005 w rollup2. Then you can play most HD clips you have including stream HD from an integrated HD tuner in the HTPC.

The level of integration between the MCE and the Xbox360 is truly amazing. It was the modivating factor for me to buy an xbox 360.
You do not need Media Center 2005. 2002 will work fine. I thought I had 2004, but Windows labels it as 2002.
Sorry guys - i'm a little bit new to all this HD stuff.

Just to clarify the above?

Are you saying that i need to link my PC (with Windows XP) to the Xbox 360 to play HD trailers?

I was wondering if i could just copy HD files to a CD and then pop it in the Xbox 360 and play it from there? Or is that too easy :)

The problem i've got is i haven't got any digital outputs on my PC :mad: It doesn't have a DVI out - is there another way of getting HD trailers onto my HDTV at a cheaper cost?
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Originally Posted by NoThru22
You do not need Media Center 2005. 2002 will work fine. I thought I had 2004, but Windows labels it as 2002.
FYI my Disks that came in my 2005 Action pack and have MCE2005 labled on them show up as 2002 on My Computer. Someone at MS forgot ot make an update I believe.
I've just read in my Xbox360 instruction manual that i need to use an 'ethernet' connection from my PC to the 360. If i can pick one of these up cheaply then it'll be worth it - but as its Microsoft - they're probably going to want an arm and a leg for it - and in that case i may as well wait - as here in the UK Telewest (ISP/Digital TV Provider) are releasing HD TV from 1st March - and i'm getting mine installed on 15th March :) so i may as well wait until then to see what it looks like on my HDTV.

Telewest are beating SKY to the HD release :)
What you need to do is buy a router and plug both your computer and 360 into it with 'ethernet' cables, commonly called CAT5e. Then you'll have to install Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) on you computer.

With that setup you should be able to stream all MPG and WMV High Definition files from your PC to the 360 for viewing on your HDTV.

Unfortunately you can't just burn the files to CD, and Microsoft even disabled the kiosk disk trick with the latest dashboard update, so that's not an option anymore either.

Good Luck!
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