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I noticed today the clip lights flickering on my Crown XLS5000. I normally don't look and was running things pretty loud but not ridiculous (maybe 120dB but didn't measure it). The EP4000 clip lights were coming on harder but not by much. I would've thought the Behringer EP4000 would come on way before the Crown but they seemed pretty close if you can judge by the light display.

The signal chain from the preamp LFE channel goes to miniDSP 2X4, then the Behringer MIC2200, then the Power amps (EP4000 or XLS5000) to the subs which are wired for 8Ohm. I run the power amps in bridged mono mode.

I use the MIC2200 to adjust gain and noticed that during the loud scenes the lights (on the MIC2200) indicating output level hitting 18dB and it doesn't go any higher than this. After using the miniDSP I had to increase the gain on both channels (of the MIC2200) to about +8-10dB to get the output I wanted. Could this be causing the amp clip lights to come on?

Or is this the result of the miniDSP chewing up headroom? I know the Behringer is underpowering the JTR 2400 Captivator's which is what I have but I thought the XLS5000 at double the output of the EP4000 wouldn't be.
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