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Can my Pioneer Amp be fixed?

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My Pioneer VSX-1024 stopped working properly last year. Something happened to the surround channels and all that I get now is very low, crackly output from them. Now all I have is stereo at the front A-zone and stereo on the B-zone speakers. Centre and surrounds are hooped.
I bought it because it had 4K pass-through and now I have an Apple TV 4K and an Epson 4010 4K PJ but I can't use it with the amp unless I sacrifice the surround sound...
Can it be fixed?

Or maybe, is there a way to output the video to my projector and pass the 7.1 audio through to my trusty old Onkyo HT-RC 240 (which doesn't have 4k video passthrough).

Thoughts, ideas?
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If pj has got audio out, you can run toslink for lossy Dolby digital for the onkyo. If you want more, as in lossless then your into audio extractors.

Cheers from Canada!
Thanks for your response.
No audio out on the PJ. The manual specifically states that you need to place a receiver between it and the source to get sound output. :(
I have a workaround that involves AirPlay and a second Apple TV, but it's not ideal, and I miss out on all the advanced HDMI 2.x features in the Pioneer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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