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Can older components interfere with HDMI audio out?

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It's been a year and with various parts have not been able to get audio out through HDMI with my rebuilt computer. Have tried:



-Asus HDAV 1.3

I have pored over the forums and confirmed that I have used the correct drivers (various catalysts, ATI HDMI, etc) for all of these components. Picked the correct audio out in Vista 32. And so on...

This is outputting to an Onkyo SR605 which accepts multi channel with no problem from Toshiba HD-A2, A30 and Samsung BD-P1200. Also, no problems with receiving audio over coaxial or optical from HTPC through motherboard, X-fi platinum or HDAV (currently installed and in use).

I said "rebuilt" because it's been "built from lesser parts" that I had lying around (if you've seen the triumph comic dog doing the star wars premier, you'll know what I mean):

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum mboard (Nforce4 ultra chipset)

AMD X2 3800+ cpu

2gb ram

500W power supply

HD-DVD rom drive

I can play normal DVDs and HD-DVD with audio coming through the digital inputs and video through HDMI but not video AND audio through the HDMI. My TV is an older Westinghouse LTV32w1 that is a DVI input (no HDMI) but has been shown to be HDCP as everything plays. JUST NOT AUDIO THROUGH HDMI....ARRRGGHHHH!!!!

Has anyone else with the Nforce4 chipset been able to (or not been able to) output HDMI audio?

Do I need to upgrade the mboard?

I've gone through a lot of posts/threads and searches but, of course, very few people actually list their entire system. This makes it very hard to pinpoint what common threads may be affecting them when something doesn't work AND when something DOES work.

Maybe if I ever have enough time, I could setup a website where people could input their info and be able to check it.
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Update (if anyone is interested):

I was right about an older component causing the problem but not in the computer. It was the TV. It looks like I'm not getting proper handshaking/info because I'm not able to set the computer to output 720p properly, even though the Westy is 720p and 1080i compatible. In my case, I need to have the computer set to output the correct HD resolution. (eg 1920 x 1080p) to output audio correctly from either the ATI cards or the Xonar HDAV.

I know this is true because I borrowed a new 22" HDMI LCD TV and I was able to get audio out no problem...ONCE I changed to 720p.

Will try to use the EDID override thread info to see if I can fool Vista/Onkyo to output 720p on my Westy.

So, if you are having problems getting audio out, check your resolution as that may be the culprit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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