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Can SageTV, BeyondTV and TotalMedia coexist?

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Hi All:

Last weekend I picked up an HD tuner card (KWorld PCI-115 on sale at Frys - I know, not great) that came with TotalMedia 3. Others have reported that SageTV and BeyondTV are better applications, and trial versions are available. Can I have all of them loaded on the computer at the same time, facilitating a comparison, or must I load and remove one before trying another???

Comments appreciated,

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While working on my QAM Mapper for the HDHomeRun, I was running GB-PVR, MediaPortal, BeyondTV trial, MCE and various other PVRs at one point. All installed together but only starting one at a time. So yes it's possible for them to co-exist. I suggest making a backup of your system if possible before you load them though. When you are done testing, reload the backup and install the one you decided on.
Thanks vladd - that's what I was hoping to hear!

Based on your evaluation, did you find a clear 'winner' or are there too many variables (I'm mostly interesed in HD capture and conversion)?

For example, I'm finding that TotalMedia writes HD mpg files that need to be cleaned up (I've used VideoReDo) so they can be seen by some other media players (VLC) and compression programs (AutoGK). I don't know whether that's a hardware or software issue - did you find any issues with the other programs?

Also, the SD programs I've recorded with the KWorld ASTC-115 card are pretty grainy (all from cable). Is this normal and, if so, how can I determine whether it's due to the signal, the hardware, or the software?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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