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Next spring I'm planning on updating my old TVs with new ones. (unless I can find a way to get better video from the ones I have now) There's quite a few different sets to choose from these days and I'm not sure which one I should be choosing. So far these are the choices I have come across:


Flat Panel


Digital Comb Filtered

TV Monitors

Whats the basic difference between these different TVs

I plan on using what ever TV I get to view a lot of recorded media. (I'm currently learning how to make my own video CDs) I also plan on using my PS2 and Dreamcast and I'm currently using Digital Cable. So I need something that can handle all of those things.

Any suggestions?

One last question, Where is the best place to purchase TVs at a discount?

Thanks for any help

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Your questions are way to open ended for anyone to even begin to answer.

Some questions for you:

1) What's your budget?

2) What size TV do you want?

3) What do you mean by 'recorded media'? VHS tape? DVD? LD?

4) What's the room like? (Light controlled?)

5) How much room do you have for the TV?

The types of TV's you listed above are not actually types of TV's. You listed a mix of features with technologies.

Example: TV monitors can be flat panels that use plasma technology to view a HDTV signal.

HDTV = The next generation type of tv signal. NTSC is what you are watching now.

Flat Panel = Means the TV is flat. Like a panel. That's it.

Plasma = A display technologies used in flat panel tv's (the ones you 'hang on the wall'). There are other technologies as well.

Digital Comb Filter(ed) = Digital comb filters are used in regular NTSC TV's to extract the chrominance and luminance signals from each other if you use a composite input. huh? Ie: This is a piece of electronics in the TV. The manufacterer will make you believe that since theirs is 'digital' that it is 'better'.

TV Monitors = a TV without a tuner [?]. Sort of a generic term. Could mean anything really.

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