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I have 4 Aura Pro's and right now (only using 3) they're powered by an older Kenwood Receiver that the surround sound processor has fried on it. Anyhow the amp does a great job running them for about 2 hours and then it seems to shut off (overheating I guess). This amp has a clip-indicator on it and it's on all the time with the aura's.

The receiver is obviously 8ohms and I'm running two in series there and 1 direct. Splitting off the sub pre-out off my main receiver and then splitting that single channel to two on the Kenwood Receiver. I've tried different inputs on the receiver as well. I'm, of course, running it in direct stereo mode.

So because of that problem I was trying to look for a dedicated amp (instead of a questionable receiver) to run these from I was reminded the Aura's are 4ohm.

I have some car audio amps I'm not using (and a 12v to 120v inverter). Both are a perfect 50wx2 RMS rating. I don't seem to see anyone else using a car audio amp to power their bass shakers. Why?

I mean we're not talking about sound quality here, I just need juice to power a transducer.

Also I figure I should be able to use the gain adjustment knob on the amp to control the strength they run at. I should also mention I have a bass capacitor if that would help with charging for big output.. but I would think that's only an issue in car audio applications where the alternator can't keep up and not a problem for home electrical wiring.

What am I missing?
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