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Can someone help recommend a good center speaker to go with Polk 300s&R15s?

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I was just wondering if someone could recommend a good center channel speaker to go with the Polk 300 floor standing speakers and the R15s for my rear speakers.

I was looking at the Polk Csi25 Center channel which looks pretty solid and looks like it would fit in nicely. Since I'm new to the whole audio world, just wondering what peoples opinions would be on it.

I was also looking at the Polk PSW10 for the sub to complete the system.

I was just wondering if anyone could provide any input on my potential purchases.

Thank you very much,

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I would like to know the same as well. The center speaker is the most important one and want to know others choices too.
That csi25 will go well with the speakers described before,but the polk subs are not as good as their speaker lines and I have a polk audio system with my yamaha htr5790 and a velodyne and klipsch subs .

I had a polk sub and i sold it because it lacked any real punch and did not deliver enough spl for my room so look elsewhere for a sub.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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