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Can someone please point me to a great 1080p set?

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I had a 61" Samsung 1080p DLP and loved it. Upgraded to the 71 inch 1080p DLP model and while it too had a great picture it had a glossy screen that reflected any light in the room. It was like looking in a mirror. Then I sold my house and the guy who bought it wanted both TVs.

So at my new house I wanted to get away from any set that has that glare screen. Therefore the 73" 1080p DLP Mitsubishi caught my eye. But this is the worst set I have ever seen. HD looks like good SD and SD is painful to watch. So since I'm still in my 30 return window it's going back. I have no idea if I got a lemon and should try another one but I think I'll just get my money back. I don't know what the guys in the Mits 1080p forum are talking about when they say this s et is great.

So now what do I do???? Any ideas?? The new 2006 71" Samsung sounds pretty good but I don't know if it will have that darn glare screen and the new LED technology is a concern. I'd also have to limp along on a 25" until the end of June too from what I see as the release date.

Has anyone bought one of the new Samsung 2006 1080p DLPs with the LED technology?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i think the new sammy 71" does not have that glare screen.
My vote is for the HL-S7178 as well.....if you can get by until the end of June that is. Have a good weekend!
Check Brillian 6580iFB
I'm not sure what you mean by "1080p set." If you mean a set that displays at 1080p (versus sets that accept a 1080p signal), you might want to look at the Sony SXRDs. The screens on these sets have a matte finish that minimizes reflections. The biggest SXRD right now is 60", though (not counting the $10K Qualia), and it sounds like maybe you're looking for something bigger. A 70" SXRD model is expected in the fall.
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