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I don't know a lot about this stuff, this will be my first receiver I buy and I have a few questions. I don't have a lot of money I'd like to get a receiver for around 150$ tops and no more than about 100$ tops for each speaker.

1. Can I even get a good decent receiver for 150$ and 100$ per speaker good enough ?

2. Can I get a receiver that has Bluetooth so I can play Pandora from my phone wireless android phone ? Do people even do this should I get a receiver that is Bluetooth capable any cons ? would you get a receiver that has Bluetooth ? Can I still get a good receiver with Bluetooth still for around 150$ without comprising on the quality of the receiver ?

3. I only have the room for a two speaker setup plus I really don't want more then two speakers anyway. Do most receivers accommodate the 5.1 setup that a lot of people get just in case ?

I was looking at these two receivers:



These are the type of speakers I want tall and thin:


4. If say for example I get Sony receiver is it ok or abnormal to get a diff brand of speakers to go with my receiver ? is it best to get same brand ? Do many stick with the same brand ?

5. The speakers would they be good without the center or bookshelf and sub woofer ? I just want to get two speakers that have good all around sound including some bass too. Is it okay if I buy these out of the set to use only as a two piece setup ? any cons ? thanks

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