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Hi, Newbie Question: I have a new TV on order (Toshiba 55UX600U). Unfortunately it only has one digital optical audio output (no analog outputs). I want to connect both a soundbar (like Vizio VSB200 or similar) and wireless headphones so I can watch TV and DVDs late at night. How can I do this, since each device will compete for my TV's only optical audio output? Do they sell a splitter for digital optical output so the TV can output both to the soundbar and headphones from that single audio output jack? Or do soundbars themselves have an audio output to which I can connect my headphones?

In case it matters, I'll have a DirecTV HiDef receiver box. Somebody told me that if I try to connect the headphones or soundbar to the receiver box, then it will only work with the TV (not with my DVD player). Not sure if that is correct or not.

Thanks for any advice!

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