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Can you Send and receive shows to any other RPTV unit? I thoughrt you could

but on RPTVfaq it says you cannot ...?

here is the post from their site....if you can't why is their a site like


Category: Internet Sharing - Last Updated: 10/24/2002

Subject: Can I send a show from a 5000 to a 4000 or 4500, or vice


No, not yet. That requires a software update on the older unit, which

hasn't yet been released. SonicBlue officially says it will be released by

Q1 2003.

Submitted by: jtl

if you can't why is their a site like this.....????

Can you record other source shows and movies and ,such as DVD and VCR and PC

files, and send these shows to your computer and make a copy of the

show/movie onto CD's or DVD and or save it to your computer hard drive to

view it later....transfer video files, or pictures... from the computer to

the TV and vice versa, and watch them (DVD's VCR tapes, PC media) and

transfer to and fro from PC to ReplayTV ?

Can I get on the intenet, and from any PC, watch the movies/shows you have

stored on the PVR itself and watch them, foran example case you could have

it set to record AMC , and them get online anywhere and tell it to send it

to your computer and watch it, i beleive you can get online and also program

a show from the web for it to record anytime, is true, is there a time limit

on how far in advance one must program it ?

How do I and can I get a very large amount of storage for the RPTV?

It look like there are people on the web that trade specific shows that

users request and submit, each machine has a unique number like an email

address and they send them to one another....so people don't have to

subscribe to cable anymore to watch a cable show....kind of like taping a

show and letting someone borrow it , but there is no tape, and it is

basically send over the internet to the person that requests it and they

don't even know each other , is this true? do any of you all have experience

with this ???

Can you actually hook it up through your internet connection? I have a

broadband Cox connection with a Linksys wireless router(802.11b) and send

shows to other people..with the box...Can you can auto skip commercials?


how long can you pause Live TV ??? Does it depend on how big of drive you

have ???? Can one add extra hard drives to get more than 10 days recording


Finally , why would people buy Tivo over Replay. And where is the best play

to purcahse a high end unit, with a large storage capacity, brand new?



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The quick answers:

You can send shows to 4xxx (45xx incuded) to other 4xxx units, and from 5xxx to other 5xxx, but not from 4xxx to 5xxx.

You can transfer anything recorded on the replay to computer for viewing on the computer or replay, but you cannot copy programs back to the replay. You can burn the mpg files downloaded from the replay onto any medium you want.

With pcanywhere you can connect to your home computer and open DVArchive to tell it to download a specific show from your replay. You can then transfer that file though file transfer to whatever computer you're on and watch the show there. If you have your replay set to DMZ, you can use dvarchive directly from the remote computer to download the show.

You can program the replay over the web with a 24 hour blackout period, but you can get around that easily.

You simply buy a large hard drive and install it. See http://rtvpatch.sourceforge.net

Yes, we send shows, but you still need cable. Many people will not send you a show if they don't see the same channel pop up on your shared shows list. Others won't send at all as it takes at least one day for an hour show to send.

Yes, the 4xxx and 5xxx are made for broadband ethernet. Wireless can be used as well but with spurious results.

You can pause live tv for the total size of your hard drive divided by 3 for the number of hours, minus the total time of all recordings already on the replay.

People like different things. I prefer to tell people to try them both out side by side and decide which they like better. Because its really a personal choice. Both machines do the same basic thing but in different ways and with different GUIs. They each have features that the other does not, which sway people one way or the other. So if you want one feature more than another, you pick the machine that has it.

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way too many questions...read the FAQ, do some searches, get some answers, then come back with any questions you haven't been able to get answers to

the one thing you need to keep in mind, these files are BIG...a 1-hour show recorded at medium is approximately 2 GB...so sending/receiving shows takes a few days considering most people have a 128 kb/s upload cap

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There's a device that will do ALL of the above. It's just not available yet. Maybe in 2004 or 2005. Not sure who's going to build it first, who knows it might even be Bill Gates. I'm sure a few people might have a problem with you stealing (borrowing) shows from channels you don't subsribe too already and may just have forgot to record but Bill might find a way around that.

In the mean time.....

The 5000 can copy shows to and from other 5000's over the internet today. 1st qtr next year, you can copy between 4000's and 5000's.

You can copy the MPEG 2 files from the replaytv to your PC and play them there. Something like replaypc GUI (written by great people whom you'll find on this forum. At the moment, with the 5000, I don't think you can copy them back to the replaytv. You can with the 4000.

DVArchive (Again not from Sonic Blue but from developers on this board) allows you to copy to/from your PC and your replaytv's but that's not been developed to support the 5000's yet. Again, it does work with the 4000's.

Whatever input source you can get to your replaytv, it will record. Once there's it's an MPEG 2 file and you can put it on your PC. From there, you can do what you (legally) like with it. It's just a file.

There's more stuff on this board about replayTV and TIVO comparisons, I suggest you search for it. I love replaytv too much and would be too biased to comment.

I am not sure whether you can (you can't on the 5000), take *ANY* MPEG 2 file and send it to a 4000. I think there's problem creating the indexes. You can take any MPEG 2 file and burn yourself a DVD etc.,

There's tons of stuff on upgrading small drive replaytv's to larger devices on this forum. Seems pretty easy. The larger devices for the 5000 are only just becoming available (hopefully from the 7th Dec).

You cannot get on the internet and copy files from your device as if it were an FTP server - yet. It could be done but for now, you'd access your PC remotely and get it to copy from your replaytv. Once there, again, you can do what you like with the MPEG 2 File. Send it to yourself via FTP etc.,

If you know a machines ID's you can send them files between the replaytv units. Not 4000 to 5000 until 1st Quarter next year. The file isn't sent until the reciever says "GO" and then it's copied. I've done it both ways with my 5000 and it's a breeze but limited to your bandwidth.

Of course, if people don't give you their replaypc ID, you can't send them anything....

On the 5000, commercial advance automatically skips commericals when it can. If not, press 3 and skip to skip 3 mins or just skip to skip 30 secs. Either way, a few key presses ont he remote and you don't ever watch a commercial again... HEAVENLY BLISS....

Sorry if I've missed anything BUT here's what you do. Buy one and try it..... Now you can't do better than that...

Good luck,
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