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I have an issue with 7.1 audio playing through my Yamaha RX-V467. That is to say, it doesnt play at all. Long story short; can this amp take a 7.1 stream and make a 5.1 stream out of it?

Backstory - I bought the Popcorn Hour C-300 to play blurays, but the audio options for that unit are either 'downmix' (stereo only), or 'passthrough' (let the next device handle the stream). I'm trying to watch ST:TNG bluray discs which are 7.1.

So when i set the C-300 to 'downmix', i can watch my beloved discs in glorious stereo. If i set it to passthrough, there is no audio at all.

Now i've read a couple of conflicting forum about the RX-V467, one says this amp has no 7.1 decoding, and another says it has true 7.1 decoding but only 5 internal amps. So ultimately, i dont even know if the amp can do it.

So i guess what i'd like to know is, can the amp do anything at all with 7.1 (converting to 5.1 would be ideal), and if it can, how??

Thanks in advance.

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