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Can Trailing Be Improved?

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I’ve been having a strange issue with trailing, my main tv downstairs is the Panasonic DX900 the flagship of 2016 and it’s been a truly great tv these past 5 years and I’ve really only noticed trailing on it a few times in 5 years but this past week I finally decided to watch Ray Donovan and I started watching the Season 1 Blu-Ray and wow is the trailing on my tv bad on that show. Nothing else I’ve watched has ever been like this before. Just for the hell of it I put in the same disc & scene on my upstairs living room tv Samsung Q80T and there is no trailing at all on it, I was totally shocked. The Panasonic was the flagship model whereas the Q80T is mid/low end Samsung and nowhere near flagship status. My Panasonic has been calibrated years ago for HDR/SDR and the picture is phenomenal otherwise so I don’t think there is any setting I can change? This holiday season I want to get either the Samsung QN90A or the LG G1 and move the Panasonic to the bedroom but until then it would be nice if I could mitigate this issue.

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