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Can you get a perfect rectangular screen from Z1?

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Can anybody there get a perfect rectangular screen from Z1 (16:9 or 4:3)?

What I mean is that when you project on the wall or screen, the horizontal perimeter and vertical perimeter of the projected image is perpendicular (at 90 degree) to one another. Mine has a bit of slant at the vertical no matter how I adjust the keystoning.

Of course, the projector should be properly aligned and screen an wall flat.
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It is possible, it just takes a bit of time and a lot of patience :)

first of all, try not to use keystoning if possible

secondly, make sure that the projector face is perfectly parallel with the screen.

good luck.

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Does it mean that once your Z1 is slightly off centre from the screen and even if keystoning or lens shift is used marginally, you will never get a perfectly rectangular projected screen?

Would appreciate the findings of other Z1 users.
I found that I have to have the Z1 perfectly in line with the screen. Otherwise, I find that the left side of the screen is slanted less than the right side for some reason. It's pretty bad if I am even slightly off axis. But, my screen is not rigid (a pull-up portable screen), so that can be an issue too.
I am in about the same situation. I even use an leveler on my PJ to make sure its not crooked while angles sittin on the table.

But keystone is the answer. I still have yet to get the PERFECT rectangle also.. but its close enough and you'd have to be veryu very very picky to even see on mine if its at all crooked.
I'd say picky is an understatement if you have to pull out a tape measure to be able to tell.
What I am saying is that it is a about half an inch off axis of the vertical to the horizontal (at least on one side) when the screen size is about 90 inch diagonal. It is obvious if you project on a fix screen (as it is a perfect rectangular - not those DIY). You can see that the projected screen does not match the perimeter of the fix screen, at least on on side. Viewing distance is about 12 ft.

Z1 owner may like to test their units. I wonder if this is an accepted tolerance or a manufacturing defect. Test it out if your entire set up is properly aligned.
In my case, the left side of the rectangle would never be vertical. Tested realigning to be perpendicular to screen both horizontally and vertically and a good rectangle can be achieved.

However, this would probably be right smack in the line of vision of the viewer. Have learnt to live with a slight misalignment thru use of masking which makes it less obvious to viewer.
Glad I am not really alone with this problem of Z1. To position exactly at the centre of the screen to get a perfect rectangle means my vision will be blocked by the projector (unless it is right behind me).

Wonder if other projector has this problem.
I'm going to be ceiling mounting mine in line with the screen so will i not have this problem?
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