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I'm looking to maximize my money w/ a $1000 gift certificate to onecall.com. I have 8 ohm 7.1 5" speakers ( not too beefy bookshelf set w/ 10" subwoofer for medium sized living room). I need a receiver and blu-ray player. At some point, I plan to upgrade these speakers to something a little beefier. Possibly, I would move the sub, receiver, and 5 speakers to bedroom, using the 2 remaining bookshelves for surrounds when I add a better front 3 + sub.

I will have just an XBox 360, HD Digital Cable Box (may switch to DirecTV for sports at some point). Will probably keep my DVD player attached as well since it plays divx. I guess the receiver could be used to upscale DVDs, but frankly I don't have any and can't imagine DVDs will be relevant for much longer. My tv seems to upscale things fairly well, but is a 50" 720p Panny.

Onecall doesn't have a huge selection. I can get a Silver Onkyo 806 Receiver for $650, or a 706 for $550. I want a receiver that will provide good audio for music, and I wish that they had the Onkyo 805, but they don't. Ideally, I'd like to have XM radio (I think its like $7/mo extra to add on XM to my car subscription). I'd like to be able to plug in an ipod, even though I probably won't that much (I think Onkyo requires a $100 dock to use an ipod). Allowing for a (biggish) usb stick with lossless audio would be nice as well.

I'm thinking that I'll end up with an open box (that's all they have for this Blu-Ray Player) Panasonic DMP-BD35 for $275, as well as an Onkyo 806 ($650). This leaves me a little bit of change. Sounds like the only other decent blu-ray player for me is the Sony BDP-350 (550 i think is for people that have old receivers/don't use HDMI). Seems like Panny wins the review battle though.

I'd love a PS3 instead of the Panny Blu-Ray, but Onecall doesn't sell them.

I have a 2nd sweet Samsung LN46A650 46" 1080p tv in the bedroom, so I don't really wanna waste the money on another TV (which is more of onecall's strongpoints from a price/value perspective).

If you had $1k to blow on an overpriced online store and wanted to get good value, but were willing to spend some of your own $$$ as well, how would you spend, when you have...


1) Receiver w/ at least 3 hdmi inputs to drive 7.1 bookshelf and future towers. Support lossless codecs and decode pretty much everything.

2) Blu-Ray player - preferably play SACDs.


1) PS 3

2a) play XM radio

2b) play ipod or usb memory stick (preferably both) - would love to copy lossless cds or something to a usb stick so that I can play stuff in living room

3) ability to hook up to some kind of radio, like a mac airlink or something -- stream radio from pc in bedroom or laptop. Willing to buy Wireless Access Point here cause I can't afford the super expensive wifi receivers.

If you've made it this far, thanks.

Here's the link to onecall's receivers -> Onecall's Receivers

Appreciate any advice.
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