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At my cinema we run electronic advertising before the film starts, so we're outfitted with small digital projectors in all our auditoriums. They don't nearly approach the quality of a proper digital or 35mm presentation, but it's been fun in the past to hook up video game console or a blu-ray player for an employee party.

Now, in our larger cinemas we use larger digital projectors for the advertising, Sanyo Pro Wide Multiverse Projectors. Although the rudimentary guides we have for ordering parts indicate it is a PLV-WF10 , the input panel shown on their website is a little different from what we have. Since I was hoping to connect an XBox 360 to the projector for an employee party on thursday, I was hoping one of you may be able and generous enough to assist me. I'm only looking to connect video but I don't see any recognizable inputs compared to the other projectors, which have pretty simple RGB component and yellow RCA inputs. If you could tell me what cables or attachments I would need to directly connect an Xbox 360 to this PLV-WF10, I would be very grateful.

(L-R) Side view, Side view where you can see more, Example of what the red component input looks like
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