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Can you match ANY sub with ANY speaker system?

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Am planning my upgrade and am looking a surround set of either Swans 6.1/6.2 or KEF IQ90...

And am thinking to go either with 2 smaller subs or one bigger one

this is the Swans Sub10V...


This is the larger 12inch Jamo 650SUB which could fit into my budget...but only 1


The Jamo also has a little brother which is the 550SUB also 10inch but i like the look of the Swans better

I pretty limited in my choices here as far a subs go or they become very expensive, brands like SVS are just crazy expensive here. I have set my limit at 4800rmb roughly 700usd but wouldn't mind spending less of course...i got a 45sqm living room, long rectangle shaped living room (5.20m * 8.60M - setup will be precisely in the middle of this room with sub or subs on either end (left and right) of the 8.60m) and like 70% movies/30% music

Question is which would be be better suited in my apartment...2 smaller subs or 1 bigger one?

And the next question can i just match those subs with the speakers i have selected - as far as my non existent sub knowledge goes a sub is a sub so don't see any reason why not but just wanted to make sure so correct me if i am wrong...
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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