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ReplayTV Founder Anthony Wood Launches Roku; Unveils World's First High-Definition Digital Media Player for Photos, Art, Music and More

Once again Anthony Wood is making television history -first with ReplayTV and now with Roku. Launched today, Roku is a consumer electronics company specializing in advanced digital media products that maximize the home entertainment experience. Bringing software development expertise to the consumer electronics world, Roku designs and builds sleek products that consumers can use intuitively, making digital media more enjoyable in all areas of the home.

Roku's initial product, the Roku(TM) HD1000, is the world's first high-definition digital media player. The Roku HD1000 connects to any HDTV and provides a high-resolution canvas for digital media such as photos, art, music and dynamic media applications. Roku also introduced a new concept today called LiveArt(TM), which brings motion to art, whether a field of vibrant orange poppies blowing in the wind or a rippling deep blue mountain lake.

"Roku's singular focus is to offer exceptional but convenient ways for consumers to enjoy digital media," Wood said. "The growing HDTV market has triggered a new wave of thinking that goes well beyond the capabilities of previous digital media products, providing Roku with the opportunity to address this untouched market."

HDTV owners are setting the standard for the living room as high-definition television becomes more commonplace. High-definition television is the highest resolution digital television format offering up to 10 times the resolution of standard analog television. The Roku HD1000 addresses the desires of HDTV owners with a high-end, stylish product that complements their investments in high-definition equipment. Unlike other digital media players, the Roku HD1000 is optimized for HDTV but can also connect to a standard television, providing an upgrade path for consumers who soon will purchase HDTVs.

Roku HD1000

The Roku HD1000 lets consumers see their favorite photographs and artwork in high-definition quality and share them easily with others. The Roku HD1000 also plays digital music, and can even play music while displaying photos and art.

Every aspect of the Roku HD1000 was designed with the consumer in mind. The Roku HD1000 takes CompactFlash, SD/MMC, Memory Stick, SmartMedia and XD memory cards for easy plug-and-play use. The Roku HD1000 also easily connects to any computer via built-in 10/100 Ethernet or wirelessly with a Wi-Fi adapter. The Roku HD1000 includes component, VGA, S-video and composite video out, for use with standard as well as high-definition TVs. Other connectors include component in, S-video in, composite in, RS-232, audio in and out, and digital audio out.

The Roku HD1000 is the only digital media player to not only support high-definition content and take content from both memory cards and a computer, but also opens the door to third-party developers. All Roku products have a Linux-kernel based operating system that has been enhanced for digital media applications. Though transparent to the consumer, the Roku OS allows third-party developers to build applications that enhance enjoyment of high-definition digital media players. A software developer's kit for the Roku OS will become available in the coming weeks.

Roku Art Packs(TM)

Roku Art Packs offer digital media collections on CompactFlash memory cards for easy plug-and-play viewing. Roku Art Packs available today include: Aquarium, The Classics, Nature and Clocks.

Pricing and Availability

The Roku HD1000 is priced at $499.99. Roku Art Packs are $69.99. The Roku HD1000 and Roku Art Packs can be ordered beginning today at www.rokulabs.com. Additionally, beginning in October, the Roku HD1000 and Roku Art Packs can be found on www.amazon.com and in consumer electronics stores nationwide including Magnolia Hi-Fi and Tweeter Home Entertainment Group locations such as all Tweeter, HiFi Buys, Sound Advice, Showcase Home Entertainment and Hillcrest High Fidelity.

It is one small unit !!


Unit W x D x H: 17" x 8 7/8" x 1 5/8"


Unit: 5 Lbs, 7 Ounces



It has a very simple sleek remote:

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