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Can Z2 do 1280x720?

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Stupid question I know since in the manual it says it's capable of displaying 1280x720. When I'm outputting from my PC via DVI 1280x720 displays an overscanned image while 1024x768 fits the display (16:9 screen) perfectly.

What am I doing wrong?
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Well, it's a native 1280x720 projector....

Do some more reading with the search function...
you have to play with some settings to get it to work right. are you using powerstrip to set the resolution? I'm not really qualified to tell you how to set it all up, but I have a Z2 and I use my computer to watch movies over DVI and it runs just fine at 1280x720 (and it looks spectacular!).

maybe ask for some help in the HTPC forum.
Use powerstrip to give you a 1280x720 resolution.

Mine was working 100% fine with an older ATI 9000 card... and then I upgraded to a Geforce 6600GT and it took hours of putzing with it to get it working again.

After upgrading drivers, and playing with powerstrip and rebooting countless times, I ended up having to swap the Z2's input from DVI-PC to DVI-HDCP and that did the trick.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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