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Folks, I'm quoting the message below as it seems to be a promising SorceForge initiative. I'm not connected to the effort, but to me it seems a promising approach to gathering Canadian Listings for the purpose of programming PVR's. If you have the talents to expand on this concept for the Replay, please consider doing so.


Hi Folks,

PVRBOT reads TV guide data from the web, finds shows matching your specific titles,

schedules the recording of the shows and programs a personal video recorder (PVR) with timer events to record the shows.

PVRBOT uses a computer controlled infrared remote to program timer events into your PVR, so you do not need to modify your PVR in any way. Since PVRBOT records shows based on titles, you no longer have to search through

guides to manually add timer events and you don't get burned when shows change times or stations.

PVRBOT is software that I wrote for my own use earlier this year. I have just released it as Open Source on SourceForge at


PVRBOT is made available under the GNU

General Public License.

"Out of the box" PVRBOT supports the Bell ExpressVu 5100 PVR. It reads TV guide data from www.globeandmail.com and controls the PVR using an IRLinc 1623PC infrared remote from Smarthome at http://www.smarthome.com/1623PC.html

However, PVRBOT is Open Source and it is designed to make adding and sharing support easier for different PVRs, guide sources and controller hardware. Someone with moderate Java programming experience should be able to add support for their hardware pretty easily. There are always developer forums at pvrbot.sourceforge.net to help you out.

So check out PVRBOT at http://pvrbot.sourceforge.net ! You can download it and play around with it even if you don't have an infrared control unit .yet.


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