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Canadians experience with Sanyo Z2 or Studio Experience 2HD warranty service?

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Sanyo and Studio Experience both provide seemingly good and long 3 year warranty coverage for their projectors.

For Canadians.

1) What problems have you had with your Z2 or 2HD and did you send it back to Sanyo or Studio Experience?

2) How long was the service time and what were the costs, if any?

3) Was the problem fixed and how is your projector now?

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If you've sent yours back to Sanyo Canada, let us know the score.
Z2's are flawless. Case closed! :D
...sweeet... :D
Still looking for feedback.
Someone in Canada has sent their Sanyo Z2 back for one reason or another, haven't they? Tell us about it.
Duh...I took my Z1 to Sanyo Canada last week for service. Does that count, Chris? Cheers.

That totally counts. Let us know how it goes. Bummer man. How is the puppy? Is it causing you major grief, big problemo or is there simply something amiss that you want fixed?
I am sending my Z1 to Sanyo Canada tomorrow. The problem is it only shows a white screen, ans sticks to Hi fan mode. No picture, nothing except the lamp goes on but the LCD panels don't initialize.

I will keep you informed.

If you are still interested in the Panasonic check this out.

Link deleted!!
I sent my Z2 in for service. I had a monster dust blob that I could not remove myself; I thought that the panels might have been misaligned because along the right hand side of the projected image a 2 to 3 pixel wide green band was projected; and I wanted them to have a look at the vertical banding.

First things first: I originally contacted Sanyo service USA by mistake. They were more than happy to have a look at my projector until that they found out that I was calling from the 514 telephone area code. They were even willing to pay for the shipping to and from. He put me in contact with Sanyo Service Canada.

They were't as happy to have a look. Apparently, they only pay shipping both ways for their business projectors, an no matter how much haggling with their manager could convince them otherwise. I had to pay for shipping to get it there.

The guys were actually pretty good. They might not have known what "vertical banding" was, but at least they called me up to ask. They called me a number of times to update me on their work. This, I appreciated. At the end of the day, they were able to clean away the dust blob. The misalignment was within spec, they claimed, but they tweaked it regardless. Vertical banding, or "the bar code effect" as I explained it to them, apparently did not exist to their eyes -so nothing was done about it.

They shipped it back to me at their cost as soon as they were finished. Round trip: four days.
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That totally counts. Let us know how it goes. Bummer man. How is the puppy? Is it causing you major grief, big problemo or is there simply something amiss that you want fixed?
Chris, read all about it here .

As for Sanyo's service, I'm fortunate enough to live in the GTA, and getting to their offices at Hwys 400 and 7 is a thirty-minute snap. Dropped the PJ off on a Wednesday, was called to come and get it the following day. Despite my concerns detailed in the other thread (none of which occurred to me while the PJ was in the shop; duh!), their service was quick and friendly enough, although they wouldn't budge on their position regarding the bulb being out of warranty. Also, Sanyo could have saved me some effort by selling me a replacement bulb at a reasonable price ($695CDN?? What?!?), but I understand that they're simply attempting to encourage dealer sales.

I think I may give them a call and hopefully get a tech's ear regarding my issues. But if this second bulb doesn't last appreciably longer, this PJ will be for sale, and it'll be bye-bye Sanyo. Cheers.

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Hey Johnny..yep, I've seen that. Ironically, they've raised their priced again, and that means another $160 CDN after taxes higher than their first price. Why am I not surprised? They do that ALL THE TIME. Its like their special thing that they do for fun.

Johnny, you may want to delete the link, I know about it and its not a good idea in this post. Thanx for the info though. I guess you're the second half of the Kitchener PT500 duo along with matthewcxii?

Anybody with Z2's have any other feedback? Bulb life? Pretty disappointing bulb life there Dave! That is terrible. My AE100 is at 420 hours and I sure would think it would last longer. Of course now I'm using the L200.

Man...I may never upgrade! lol........:p
Update on my Z1 "white screen" problem:

- Sent it monday evening, received at Sanyo Tuesday morning in Ontario.

- Guy called me wednesday to tell me they found the problem - MAIN BOARD

- Guy called me thursday, main board B/O for at least 4 to 6 weeks. I asked (firmly) for a loaner.

- Guy called me back, told me I have to wait till Monday for final approval from his superior.
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