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Canadians with Animatrix codes

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I've seen several people giving them away because they think they are unable to use them but in actuality you can use the code. Make a new account for Xbox live and put your residence as United States. I did this and downloaded the 1.12 GB file no problem. Once on your HD you can use any profile to watch it. Just a heads up.
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I gave mine away because I simply don't have an xbox, and never will.

Hope noone else gave theirs away because they erroneously thought they could'nt use them.
Interesting because right on the insert it says it's available in the U.S. and Canada.
Be careful with this advice, Microsoft is cracking down hard on accounts originating from incorrect countries, so this could get your account deleted. They will most likely not delete all your accounts, but they will probably delete the US account with the movie on it if they figure out that the person is in Canada. If this happens or not is a matter of time and chance.
Personally, I think this is a load... I paid for my purchase, as did everyone else. I mean, really, there should not be a offer contained within the package, if not applicable to me based solely on my location. If they want to play that game, than the manufacturer should have two seperate SKUs. More costly for them? Yes, but it certainly isn't very customer centric to not do it that way...

Curious - is there a way to change your regional settings? What if someone moved from one country to another?
Blame the CRTC. I don't know the status but a Canadian version of the Video Marketplace has to be submiitted to them and then approved. Knowing this we should be able to download the Animatrix legally by 2015.
I created a US account and changed my locale on the 360 and still can't download US stuff. I can view the US marketplace now but they must track the IP because it gives an error message when I hit 'confirm download'. It mentions that it's not available in my current location. Oh well, I have it on SD-DVD anyway so no loss I guess.
Here is the link stating MS is blocking all non US accounts against content that they cannot get locally.

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