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cannot get 4 x 1 switcher to work

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looking for any help or suggestions.

i am running a 40' belden hdmi (blue jeans) from my equipment near the screen to a sony vpl-hw10 front projector that is ceiling mounted.

when i plug that cable directly into each video source, each source has a good quality picture and no hdcp handshake issues. the sources are PS3, Apple TV and Explorer 8300HD cable box, all with hdmi outputs. i also have a Linn Unidisk 2.1 which has a dvi output and i use a dvi/hdmi cable for that.

The problem is when i tried to set up the sources to the Monoprice 4x1 hdmi switcher, i got no signal to the projector, except from the cable box...and the cable box was stuck on the hdcp handshake.

the short runs (6 foot) hdmi cable are 1.3 compliant and also from Monoprice, and were cheap also (like $3.50 each) the dvi/hdmi cable i was using without a problem in my prior setup.

bad switcher? (as in defective?) or need more expensive solution like the DVDO Edge?? Or mably its the the little hdmi cables that are the problem.
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Sounds like some sort of problem with the switcher doing the handshake. Not likely that it's a problem with the short cables.

You may need to return the switcher and get a different one or a different brand.
that's what i figuring. Gefen makes one that looks great:

probably worth spending the money for such an integral piece.
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