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In my new setup I have a problem getting HD audio from HTPC to receiver. I am using a retail BluRay disc (The Lion King 3D). The receiver will only show DTS playing. I have the same issue if I try an ISO image on a virtual drive. I have read many tutorials, but had no luck. I find this very frustrating since I made sure all of these components were capable of playing these HD audio tracks before purchasing.

This is the TV

These are the HDMI cables

This is the receiver

This is the mobo

This is the BD drive

I have an AMD A6 3650 APU, which I use for both audio and video with 2 x 1gb DDR3 1600. I installed the Realtek HDMI ATI codec and made sure it is the active (default) sound.

I have tried both PowerDVD11 and TMT 5.

PDVD will give me the HD option until I start the disc, then I only get 2 options. PCM downsampled, or DD/DTS (no tHD).

TMT doesn't seem to have any similar options. I just get DTS (not HD) to my receiver.

If anybody has any idea how I can get the HD tracks playing on this system I would greatly appreciate it.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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