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I recently put together a system with a Moneual 972 case which includes the Soundgraph IMON touchscreen and remote. The IMON software runs, however, I would prefer to just run Windows and with the touchscreen as an input device. So I would like to install the IMON drivers without the IMON software.

Even though the IMON software is installed, when I go into the device manager, the IMON remote, volume control and touchscreen are listed as HID devices and have Microsoft drivers. When I try to update the drivers and point to the IMON 64 bit drivers, Vista responds that there are no compatable drivers in the folder.

What is even more confusing is if I try to update the drivers for a composite USB device and point to the same IMON drivers, it allows me to install them, although the device no longer operates correctly. I tried this because I used the USBderview(shareware) utility to determine which HID device was which and apparently the touchscreen, remote etc are childs of the composite USB device.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get these drivers installed?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!


Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

Ultimate Vista 64

Moneual 972B with Soundgraph touchscreen

HIS H467QT512P Graphics card

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I have the non-touchscreen iMON LCD and PAD remote, but I am also having trouble installing the drivers. I have tried 32 bit Windows XP and Windows 7 beta (both 32 and 64 bit).

I inspected the INF file for the iMON drivers, and saw that they weren't referencing my hardware's product ID. I posted the details on the SoundGraph forum:


I have the Silverstone GD01-MX.

iMon Firmware ver 0x380208


The LCD works, it's displaying news feeds. The iMon Manager light is blue. But I'm having trouble installing the latest Windows drivers for the supplied PAD remote. The result of this is that only power on/off works for the remote.

In the Device Manager, instead of seeing "SG Remote Control Device" I see "USB Composite Device."


I looked at iMON_Pad.inf and found the following line:



Note that the product ID (PID) shows "FFDC"

However, in my Device Manager, under the "USB Composite Device" I see that product ID for my hardware is 0038.


I think that SoundGraph needs to update their drivers to include this new product ID, otherwise Windows will never properly recognize this hardware.

If anyone else is having trouble with the PAD remote, check the properties of the "USB Composite Device" under the Device Manager and look at the Hardware Id. If it's not FFDC, then the driver won't install.

We need to apply pressure to iMON and their OEM partners to update their drivers.

Ironically, there's better support for the new hardware version under Linux:
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