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I have a Pioneer Elite Pro-150FD that I have my Roku 3 hooked up to through an HDMI port. Right now the audio is playing through the speakers that came with the TV but I have a receiver I would like to pipe the sound through in order to get that sweet surround sound for stuff coming from the Roku box.

The receiver has free optical audio inputs (no HDMI, though) on it and the TV has an optical audio output but I cannot get sound to flow from the Roku 3 to the TV and then from the TV to the receiver.

I looked in the manual and saw that I needed to enable to Digital Audio Out under Options in the Home Menu but when I go there it is greyed out and the bottom of the menu reads "Current settings do not allow selection and adjustment".

Is this because the Roku 3 is outputting audio through HDMI and the TV cannot convert it to optical audio output? Am I doomed to only play Roku 3 audio through the TV speakers unless I shell out for a receiver with HDMI inputs?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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