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Cannot make monthly payment

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I recently had to change my credit card number (old card lost). I got the new cards yesterday and was trying to update my RTV account for my monthly units because its telling me the payment failed on the old number (of course). I can get to the RTV account page, enter my new card info, it shows me my monthly units, but unfortunately it fails at the last step of submitting/confiming all the info.

Anyone else seen this? I have the support number from a previous thread, but I have to wait until they open on Monday, and that's leaving it a little close to the end of the month deadline.
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Huh. Now I can't even get to the support page.
This happened to me last month. I finally had to call them and tell them their web page was hosed. They straightened out my info over the phone and later that day the web page was back up.
Oh yeah, I forgot. When that happened last month I tried replaytv.com which takes you to a DirecTV web page which talks about the sale to them. I called their 800 number to tell them about the web page and the person I talked to didn't have a clue about them now owning replaytv. Even talked to a supervisor who didn't know anything about it. They claimed they would push the info up their chain, but of course nothing happened until I was able to get through the RTV support line.

Thought it was funny that DirecTV's own support people didn't know anything about them now owning ReplayTV!! I even had them look up their web page and they still couldn't believe it then!
I can only find Direct TV and like another said, they don't have a clue...
They do not own "ReplayTV". What you think of as ReplayTV (guide service, subscriptions, etc) is owned by DNNA. DirecTV bought the patents, programming copyrights, intellectual property, etc.
Does anyone have a telephone number that I can call or a web page? I am needing to do the same thing and I can't get to the proper web page. Thanks.
I,m having the same problem, get server error trying to make payment after cc# was updated. I also get server errors in the contact us link and could use the number. Thanks in advance.
Here's the contact info posted in a previous thread about similar issues about a month ago. I have not tried this yet as it says M-F only.


Customer Support:

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Phone: 254-224-0240 for all PC Edition issues

Phone: 254-299-2705 for all ReplayTV set top box issues

Fax: (972) 559-3698

Operating Hours:

Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM (PT) (Excluding Holidays)

Interestingly, that support page works, but My Account doesn't recognize my email. The DNNA site recognizes my email and pulls up all my RTVs, but won't complete the transaction. I suspect the RTV site is only for PC RTV and that's why it can't find me.
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Well it was. But it's not now. Everytime I try to log in to update my CC# I am told to activate my unit. When I try to activate it the website tells me it's already activated. And I get the same loop over and over again. Still not able to update my card. Make me want to buy a Tivo.
Actually the Tivo thing was a joke. I've had my Replay's since 1999 and still love them. But the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
I got an error submitting payment with my new card this morning. However, when i checked a few minutes ago before calling Support, my card number had been updated and my subcriptions renewed.
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