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Just checking in to see if anyone else sees this problem. Does anyone else have problems where it almost seems like the 'record never' flag is set on this channel? ('the hub') on Seattle Area Comcast?

My Media Center PC w/ Silicon Dust HR Prime works fine for all other channels that I subscribe to, but it completely ignores both the command to record anything on this channel - and it does not record anything setup to record all episodes of any show on this channel.

The only reason I encountered this is my -adult- children want me to record Animaniacs now that they realize it's on this channel. I've done all the usual troubleshooting - rebooting the PC, dropping and re-adding the channel, etc., but still get no response to attempts to record anything on this channel.

Does anyone with comcast DVR's or anyone else with a PC (using media center or not) see this issue?

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