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Cannot thank you all enough !!!

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I have been a lurker on this board for the past 18 months. During this time I have been simply amazed with the sharing of idea's and suggestions exchanged by those in the HT community. To those of us that have apprehension in decison making and investment, the AVS Forum provides us with a link with the "Digital Explorers" who have paved the way thru trial and error. Thank you for sharing your idea's and experiences.

This is how AVS Forum helped me.

I purchased a Hitachi 57SWX20B from Hitachi's authorized reseller at 50% off retail. I purchased a JVC DVD player, an Onkyo HTIB 7.1, and Directivo receiver based purely on recommendations from this forum. What happened yesterday, however, gave me motivation to register and express my gratitude to you all. I took advantage of the $99 HDTV sale D**** is offering. Yesterday the installers mounted a new dish,OTA, 4X8 powered multiswitch, plus 5 new lines into the house. Because there were service delays another $50 was knocked off. In the end I only paid $49. Simply amazing. I believe I have saved between 3K-5K based on what I have learned here. Thank you all !!!

p.s HDTV is incredible:D
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Welcome out in the open, Lou!

I agree, this is a pretty helpful place - I could never have even started without what I've learned here. It's a hell of a hobby.

Join in and post some pictures!

share the knowledge.

I to save thousands from this forum.

I built my own HT from the ground up based on what I learned here.

This forum and the internet gives me great hope and confidence.

This forum should be given college credit based on the # of hours we put in learning from this site.

great place to learn
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I would like to expand on something mzk4c3 said.

Share the knowledge.

This forum doesn't work unless people keep coming back and answering the questions that they know how to answer.

Maybe it's something that you have experience with, or maybe it's something that you read about while lurking on the forum - POST. ANSWER QUESTIONS.

Good Luck
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LouTam, why did you lurk for so long without joining? Just doesn't make sense to me. You could have been asking questions the whole time instead of just seeing what other people were talking about!
Hey SV

I learned early on that people could be very stern to " Newbies " for asking a question that had been addressed in an earlier or different thread, so rather then feeling the wrath of the members, I would just dig and dig and dig in these pages until I found the answer to my questions. Eventually I always found the info I was looking for. I quess that was why I felt I could finally come out of the shadows if you will.

I do have 1 final hurdle however. I purchased a MX-500 remote (based on the recommendations in the AVS Forum) So now I have to try to figure out how to program my A/V rec, HDTV rec, and Directivo rec to it. So as Opus would say, "into the Abyss".


My MX is the best thing I have purchased for my system in a long time. I couldn't believe that I was finally able to put my other 5 remotes away, once and for all. You might check out remotecontrolcentrl.com for programming advice or just ask here in the remote control area. Once you get it programmed it's a terrific tool. Even the wife and kids use it without problems. The push of one button fires up my entire system ready to watch a movie, another shuts it all down. Lovely!

Enjoy your system and welcome to the forum.
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