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So, I've got a bunch of old miniDV tapes that have been languishing for about 7 years or so. We had a nice, reliable Canon GL-1 that was a workhorse for the family. Lots of family stuff and some of it did indeed make it to a hard drive.

The problem is that our GL-1 was stolen on a trip. Replaced it on the trip with a Vixia and didn't get back to the old MiniDVs for a year or so. I borrowed a sony miniDV camcorder from a friend and it couldn't read the tapes. I tried another video player with no luck.

Now, six years later, I purchased a used GL-1 from Ebay and it's reading most of the tapes just fine. To be specific, the SP tapes are mostly intact. The ones recorded in LP? Nothing.

So after more research, I found out it most likely had to do with head alignment. That even though I had an identical model, my old camera's heads were aligned differently and I was still out of luck.

My question is this: Could I realign the heads myself? Say, start at one end of the alignment spectrum, shift the heads a wee bit, test, then realign again? Repeating until I either get a tape that works or get to the other end of the spectrum and give up? Is there any Canon documentation that would help me to accomplish this?

I'm willing to play with this GL-1 because it can only playback -- something is wrong with the prism sensor so I got it cheap.

Any help would be appreciated!

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