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Recently bought a Canon HF M500 as an upgrade from my old Canon Mini-DV Camcorder (about 8 years old). One of the things I use my camcorder for the most is producing videos for my YouTube channel doing Android App reviews. I set the camera at the widest shot showing the entire phone, but during the review I often lift the phone closer to the camera to get a closer shot of certain aspects of the app.

With my old camera on auto-focus when I would do this, the camera would immediately re-focus and almost instantly have the closer up phone in clear focus. With the HF M500, it re-focuses much slower. I actually don't think the re-focusing is taking as long as maybe it's just taking the camera longer to decide to re-focus. Either way, I'll be in the middle of a review and I lift the phone then have to pause and wait for it to re-focus. With my old camera, I never had to pause because it re-focused almost instantly.

I'm hoping there's a setting or something I can do to get this same quick/instant re-focus on the my new Canon HF M500. Any help would be much appreciate.


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