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Either The HV40 or the M32 can be ingested easily into iMovie.

The Canon M32 is a rip-off. I beg you to choose at least the next step up Canon which is the HF S200 or get the Panasonic TM700 over that.

As far as comparing those 2 that I recommended to the HV40, that can sometimes be difficult. Overall, the picture quality of the TM700 and HFS200 will be infinite times better when shooting during the day since it's using higher resolution and a far better codec.

On the other hand, with HDV, you get an instant archive and it has a viewfinder unlike the Canon HF S200. You'd have to get the Canon HF S21 to get a viewfinder and that's really the best competition for the TM700.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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